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The Accident Research Institute (ARI), formerly known as Accident Research Centre (ARC), is a Center of Excellence for the advancement of safety research in Bangladesh. After nearly six years of launching in January 2002, the Accident Research Institute (ARI) has started formally as an institute with its organogram and rules-regulations approved by the Syndicate of BUET in its 418th meeting held on 12 January 2008 following the recommendation of the Finance Committee on 08/01/2008.

The main objectives of the Institute are to carry out scientific research and investigation to ascertain the causes of accidents on roads, railways and waterways in Bangladesh. The institute has also given the mandated function to create awareness for safety issues at different stages of community across the country and share acquired knowledge with the professionals at different levels to ensure safer transportation system. In order to achieve the above, there are two divisions in the institute: (i) Research and Investigation, and (ii) Education and Training.

04-08 Dec. 2016

Training Course on Urban Road Safety

18-31May, 2016

Training Course on Social Science Resarch Techniques for Transportation Planning and Safety

16-22 February, 2016

Training-of-Trainers (TOT) for LGED Professionals on Road Safety

06-07 August, 2015

Workshop on Promoting Road Safety for Children in Bangladesh

May - June, 2015

Road Safety Training Course for Practitioners: Problems and Applications of 5Es

22 July, 2014

LGED-ARI, BUET Collaboration Project

March, 2011

LGED & DTCB Engineers Training Program

08-14 June, 2010

Training Program on Accident Event Recording and Reporting

16 January, 2008

Seminar on Sustainable Urban Transport and Safety

22 January, 2008

Training Programme and Safety Rally on Road Safety

23 January, 2008

Seminar on Addressing Road Safety Problems & Our Challenges

24 April, 2008

Seminar on Injury Prevention & Pre Hospital Care

22 May, 2008

ARI Heavy Vehicle Drivers’ Training Programme on Road Safety and Good Driving Practices, Module-10

Accident Research Institute (ARI), BUET
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