Under the Research an Investigation Division, ARI is conducting road safety research and investigation, which are useful in documenting the accident problem characteristics and provide the means to develop and evaluate effective countermeasures.

Some major areas of research and investigation include:

1. Accident Database Development and Management:

For Road Accident:
ARI with its own efforts is collecting Accident Report Forms (ARFs) from six metropolitan offices and seven ranges of Bangladesh Police regularly and is maintaining a Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package (MAAP) based database from 1998- 2014 which is substantially important for ARI’s research, training and national road traffic accident statistics. In addition, ARI has also prepared and updated MAAP Manual for Police Department, updated chainage inventory i.e. KM post wise location and updated Accident Report Form (ARF).

For Waterway Accident:
ARI has developed and maintained a Microsoft Access database program to store maritime accident data using various sources such as the national daily newspapers, reports of Department of Shipping (DOS) in order to understand characteristics and magnitude of this adverse problem as well as to conduct scientific research.

For Railway Accident: ARI maintains news paper based railway accident database. Recently ARI has taken initiative to identify the most hazardous level-crossing based on the MAAP5 and newspaper data analysis.

2. Development of Road Safety Manual

Rural Road Safety Manual (RRSM) and Road Safety Training Manual (RSTM): ARI is currently involved in developing Rural Road Safety Manual (RRSM) targeted for ensuring and integrating safety in planning, design and maintenance process in LGED road under the second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II) of LGED financed by the World Bank. ARI is also preparing a Road Safety Training Manual (RSTM) for LGED engineers under the same project.

3. Driving Instructors’ Training Manual: ARI has published training manual for driving instructors.

4. Safe Driving Manual: ARI has published Safe Driving Manual, the first ever safety manual in Bengali for driving instructors.

5. Other Safety Manual:
ARI has prepared and published Road Safety Booklets for Drivers.

ARI has prepared Road Safety Booklets for School Children.

6. Identification and Treatment of Hazardous Road Locations (HRL):

ARI has published list of most accident prone areas known as HRL or Black spot. On the basis of the list of HRL and safety measures provided by ARI, GoB has taken initiatives for implementing those measures and a proposal and budget to treat the 152 HRL by engineering way has also been passed in the ECNEC.

7. Metropolitan street accident characteristics and safety improvements:

Based on the analysis in Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package (MAAP5) software, most accident prone intersections of Dhaka city have been identified.

8. Road Safety Facts:

Every year ARI publishes Road Safety Facts of the previous year that presents various characteristics and key features related to accident and injury.

Besides the aforementioned studies, ARI has some other researches that include-

- Heavy Vehicle Involvement in Road Accidents

- Analysis of Inland Water Transport Accidents and Identification of Remedial Measures

- Newspaper based accident data collection

- Road Safety Problems in Bangladesh: Some Major Initiatives, Constraints and Requirements

- Effectiveness of Black Spot Treatments along Dhaka-Aricha Highway

- Heavy truck rollover model for single vehicle run-off-road crashes in Bangladesh

- Impact of Garment Industries on Road Safety in Metropolitan Dhaka

- Child Injuries Resulting from Road Traffic Accidents in Bangladesh

- Effects of Vehicular Characteristics on Heavy Truck Rollover Accident – An Analytical Approach in the Context of Bangladesh

- Level of under reporting of road traffic accidents in Bangladesh

- Study on problems of vehicle modification in road traffic accident

- An Analytical Model for Single unit Heavy Truck Rollover Accidents in Bangladesh

- Involvement of Pedestrians and Children in Road Accidents

- Inherent Weaknesses of Transportation System in Dhaka Metropolitan City and Challenges for Sustainable Development

- GIS based black spot identification on national highways of Bangladesh

- Modelling of rollover accidents on highways of Bangladesh

- A Study of Physio-psychological and Behavioral Characteristics of Heavy Vehicle Drivers in Bangladesh

- Urban Road Safety: Effective Rescue of Accident Victims Using GIS Technology

- Identification of HRL by the Application of GIS: A Case Study of Dhaka-Aricha Highway

- Road Safety Hazards at Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge (JMB) Site: Implications for Bridge Management

- Heavy Vehicle Driver Involvement in Road Safety and Multiple Vehicle Accidents in Bangladesh

- Bicycle Accidents and their Safety Improvements in Bangladesh

- Deficiencies of Existing Mass Transit System in Metropolitan Dhaka and Improvement Options

- Safe Rural Roads in Bangladesh: Problems and Priorities

- Performance Evaluation of Speed Reducing Devices on National Highways of Bangladesh

- Vehicle Aggressivity in Bangladesh: Case Study on Large Truck

- Impact of Direct Local Access Road with the Classical National Highways in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Dhaka-Mawa Highway

04-08 Dec. 2016

Training Course on Urban Road Safety

18-31May, 2016

Training Course on Social Science Resarch Techniques for Transportation Planning and Safety

16-22 February, 2016

Training-of-Trainers (TOT) for LGED Professionals on Road Safety

06-07 August, 2015

Workshop on Promoting Road Safety for Children in Bangladesh

May - June, 2015

Road Safety Training Course for Practitioners: Problems and Applications of 5Es

22 July, 2014

LGED-ARI, BUET Collaboration Project

March, 2011

LGED & DTCB Engineers Training Program

08-14 June, 2010

Training Program on Accident Event Recording and Reporting

16 January, 2008

Seminar on Sustainable Urban Transport and Safety

22 January, 2008

Training Programme and Safety Rally on Road Safety

23 January, 2008

Seminar on Addressing Road Safety Problems & Our Challenges

24 April, 2008

Seminar on Injury Prevention & Pre Hospital Care

22 May, 2008

ARI Heavy Vehicle Drivers’ Training Programme on Road Safety and Good Driving Practices, Module-10

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