Accident Research Institute (ARI), formerly known as Accident Research Centre (ARC), is the pioneer road accident research institute in Bangladesh. ¬†This is the only national institute for collecting, storing and doing scientific research about the road accidents in Bangladesh. It conducts accident investigation and reconstruction, road safety audit, seminars, workshops and training’s on road safety for professionals. It also collaborates with different government and non-government agencies and provides advisory services regarding road safety issues.

Establishment of ARI/Background of ARI

The Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in her first address to the nation declared to establish an Accident Research Centre in mitigating the accident problem in the country. In a meeting regarding the Honorable Prime Minister’s 100 days programs a decision was made to establish an Accident Research Centre at BUET. The Proposed Accident research started its activities from January 2002. At its inception activities were managed at the Traffic Engineering and Safety Research Centre of transportation and Traffic Engineering Division of the Civil Engineering Department, BUET. Later on the center sifted to its own full-fledged 4-storied building sides the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP), BUET. After nearly six years of launching, the Accident Research Institute (ARI) has been established by the Syndicate of BUET in its 418th meeting held on 12 January 2008 following the recommendation of the Finance Committee on 08/01/2008 (Office Order No- Songstha/E-30/Re-3806, Dated- 29/01/2008) by converting the erstwhile Accident Research Centre (ARC)
The institute has given the mandated function to carry out scientific research and investigation to ascertain the causes of accidents on roads, railways and waterways in Bangladesh. It has also given the mandated function to create awareness for safety issues at different stages of community across the country and share acquired knowledge with the professionals at different levels to ensure safer transportation system. In order to achieve the above, there are two divisions in the institute: (i) Research and Investigation, and (ii) Education and Training.