Research (Ongoing)


Road Safety 

  1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive road crash and injury database
  2. Crash frequency modelling
  3. Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) safety
  4. Road safety in Dhaka city
  5. National and Dhaka City Road Safety Summary and Observational Study of Risk Factors in Bangladesh, Funded by The World Bank (WB).
  6. Pedestrian safety problem, behaviour, attitude and perception
  7. Motorcycle safety problem, attitude and perception on helmet use
  8. Drivers’ attitudes and behaviour towards seatbelt use


Maritime Safety

  1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive maritime and injury database
  2. Ascertain causative factors of the maritime accidents in Bangladesh
  3. Maritime accident modelling


Railway Safety

  1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive railway accident and injury database



Past Major Research

  1. Modelling Driving Behaviour and Safety Risk in Two-Lane Rural Highways in Developing Countries
  2. In-depth Study: Selected Hazardous Road Locations (HRL) in Bangladesh
  3. Road Accident Data Collection: The Problem of Under Reporting
  4. In-depth Study of Major Fatal Road Accidents in Bangladesh
  5. A Study on Identification of Hazardous Road Locations (HRL) In Bangladesh
  6. Major Fatal Road Accidents in Bangladesh: Characteristics, Causes and Remedial Measures
  7. A  Report on Fatal Road Accidents & Casualties During Eid Vacation in Bangladesh
  8. An Accident Investigation Report on Dhaka-Sylhet Highway Ghashirdia, Shibpur Upazila, Narshingdi
  9. Setting Road Safety Priorities for the Rajshahi Region
  10. “Recommendations for Improving Road Safety in Bangladesh” Submitted to the Ministry of Communications, the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, by Accident Research Institute (ARI), 2008.
  11. “Road Accidents Involving Children in Bangladesh”
  12. Road Safety Strategies of Bangladesh
  13. Safer Roads & Our Responsibilities.