Short Courses


Recognizing the importance of the road safety, ARI provides trainings on road safety issues, accidents and fatalities reduction techniques, accident investigation and reconstruction and other new technologies related to accident analysis and road safety engineering to people of various disciplines in Bangladesh. ARI also provides various training courses to develop effective and sustainable road safety programs among road safety related government and non-government organizations. The courses also deliver insights into road safety audit actions. After successful completion of each training course ARI provides certificates to the attendees

List of Short course organized by ARI since its establishment (01/7/2007) to date.


Year Type Number of Training Date Title
2010 Short Course 02 08 – 15 June &

24 July – 5 Aug

Accident event recording and reporting for Police
2011 Short course 01 5-9 June Training course on traffic safety for DTCA.
2015 Short Course 01 May 16 to June 15. Short course for practitioners